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hookah accessories

Model: charcoal heater
- An Easy and Efficient Burner for coal Quick and Easy!- Highest Quality Also Can be used any where out side your house- Durable counter-top hot plate has 4 rubber feet that add stability while protecting surfaces.- *Small, Lightweight Design- Hand-washing is recommended to extend product life...
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Electric Charcoal Starter for Fast Hookah + Free Charcoal Tong … Electric Charcoal Starter for Fast Hookah + Free Charcoal Tong …
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- High quality and heat resistant surface coating.- Easy to Clean.- Material: Steel.- Fast Burner, Charcoals Ready In Just 3-5 Minutes.- Can be use in keeping tea or coffee warm...
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Glazed Egyptian Clay Hookah Bowl Glazed Egyptian Clay Hookah Bowl
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Model: Bowls
Egyptian Glazed Bowl DescriptionLadies and gentleman this is where it all begins, the Egyptian Bowl. This classic style of bowl can be found with pretty much every hookah that you've purchased in the past, and it's the easiest to load your shisha tobacco. Normally these bowls are not that uniform in..
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Goliath Vortex Hookah Bowl Goliath Vortex Hookah Bowl
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Model: bowl
Measuring a whopping 4.5 inches in height and a width of 3.75 inches at the rim, the Goliath Vortex Hookah Bowl is perfect for those long hookah sessions or hookah get-togethers with friends.The Goliath Vortex Bowl also features raised bumps on the bottom of the bowl to help aerate the shisha tobacc..
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Hookah Bowl Set - Hurricane Glass Bowl with Silicone Neck + Lotus Heat Management System Shisha
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Model: bowl
Lotus heat management charcoal holder and funnel silicone hookah bowl both included. They fit each other perfectly. This exclusive silicone bowl has a clear glass hurricane core inside. They will provide you perfect smoking experience. Distribute the heat really well, prevent flying sparks and ..
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Model: Hookah Accessories
The Flavor Saver is 1/4 inch thick when rested on top of your bowl.  The coals are now elevated from the top of the bowl, giving your shisha an extra 1/4 inch of distance from the concentrated heat of the glowing coals.  This prevents the shisha from burning and the smoke getting harsh or ..
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