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Hookah Bowls

Model: Bowl
Mod Hookah BowlThis ceramic hookah bowl is made for our Mod Hookahs but will fit pretty much any type of hookah. This hookah bowl has the capacity to hold between 15-25 grams of flavored shisha tobacco and features a wider surface area to ensure optimum airflow for your hookah smoking plea..
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Model: bowl
tandard replacement bowl with stainless steel wind cover and charcoal screenMade of clay ceramic - stainless steel wind cover snaps securely shut with locking latchFavorite group or party add-on - a must have hookah accessory - great for protecting charcoal coalUniversal fitment - works with your fa..
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Silicone Glass Bowl Silicone Glass Bowl
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Model: Bowl
About the productMaterial: Silicone, glassColor: BlackShape: Straight Type, Easy to use.Made of 100% food grade silicone hookah bowlHigh- borosilicate heat- resistant glass..
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Model: Bowl
Silicone bowl with a glass silicone hookah bowl hurricane core. Designed to prevent the overflow of soot juice to keep the tobacco moist and burn longer. The funnel bowl is durable and thermally manageable enough to withstand high temperatures.Easy to clean: the crusted tobacco remains on the head. ..
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Silicone Hookah Bowl Silicone Hookah Bowl
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Model: Bowls
The Silikon Hookah Bowl is a new and innovative design that will simplify your hookah experience. This Silicone Bowl is made entirely of food grade silicone that renders the bowl virtually indestructible. If you drop it, knock it over, or even if your dog gets hold of it - the Silikon..
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- Material: Silicone- Silicone hookah bowl has been designed to keep the shisha juices from spilling out to keep the tobacco moist.- HEAT RESISTANT: The flexible silicone phunnel bowl can withstand temperatures of up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit- The silicone bowl heats up twice as fast as other bowls ..
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Silicone Shisha Hookah Bowl Hookah Head, Charcoal Holder Silicone Shisha Hookah Bowl Hookah Head, Charcoal Holder
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Model: BOWL
Material:Metal & SiliconeHeight app:10.5cmBottom diameter:app2.5cmColour:we have Black & Green & Black in stock,after you place order please leave us a message tell us the color you want to buy,else we will ship it to you randomly.Package Include:1pcs hookah bowl..
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Model: bowl
One of the most well known hookah bowl designs has received a major upgrade, and we're excited to have it on our shelves. The Stone Vortex bowls are handmade by clay artisans here in the US, and features multiple unique glaze color options. The original vortex bowl has been ..
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