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Hookah Hoses

Model: Hose
Experience chilled smoke with the new Mya “Freeze” Hookah Hose! Measuring 6 feet (72 inches) in length, the Mya Freeze hose features a handle that unscrews to fit a non-toxic water capsule that you freeze by simply leaving it in a standard freezer for several hours. The hookah smoke is coo..
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Model: Hose
Mya Frosted Tip Hookah HoseAre you looking for a washable hookah hose that doesn't get in the way of the controller during a game session? The latest Mya Hookah hose features a lightweight handle with a matte finish in multiple colors (black, red, blue). The slim line design keep..
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Model: Hose
These wood handled hookah hoses are an all time classic from the Mya Saray hookah hose collection. Made of sturdy synthetic leather with glossy wood handles, these fantastic hookah hoses measure 72 inches in length and fit in all standard hookah hose adapters.  They are available in m..
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Model: Hose
Have you ever wanted to dedicate a hose to a single shisha flavor?  The Nuhose is priced so affordably, you can just do that, especially if you are buying our black-tipped Nuhose hookah hose. Now you can easily afford to get a few extra hoses for specific flavors, making your mint much &nb..
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Model: Hose
haraoh's Flexx Hookah HoseDoes your hookah hose need a little bit more flexibility? If it's a yes then you are on the right page, because we are excited to present a new hookah hose to the market. The Pharaohs Flexx hookah hose is fully retractable and  measures out to 18" long before..
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Model: Hose
Pharaoh's Swivel Hookah HoseGet ready to add some movement to your hookah hose, with the Pharaoh's Swivel hose. This 100% washable hose contains a unique hose end connector, that allows you to enjoy some flexibility when you go to move your hose or pass it to a friend. The Pharaoh's swivel hose meas..
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Model: Hose
The Pharaoh's Dagger Silicone Hookah Hose combines a high quality silicone hose with an attractive chrome handle and tips , creating the perfect smoking experience. The hose is completely washable, just remove the ends and rinse it out to prevent ghosting of strong flavors. The Pharaohs Da..
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Model: Hose
With steely good looks and a heavy-duty handle, the 72" long Scorpion hookah hose is an excellent addition to any hookah set-up. Just like a real live scorpion, this hose features an armored exterior, using high-quality, bendable stainless-steel that is completely washable! Stain..
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