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Hookah Hoses

Model: Hose
The “Chrome” Nammor Hookah hose is a new stylistic twist on the classic Nammor Hookah Hose, and is of course 100% fully washable!Chrome Nammor Hookah hoses are made of the same material as the original Nammor hose (with a fabric covered tubing) but with a shiny silver painted “chrome” handle an..
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Model: Hose
Mya Rubber Handle Hookah HoseThe original Mya rubber handle hose has made a return with new tubing material. This new design features food grade silicone tubing in 4 colors (black, red, blue, white) with a hose diameter wide enough to deliver big clouds easily. The hose handle is composed of hard ru..
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Model: Hose
Khalil Mamoon Washable Hookah HoseThese hookah hoses are the first fully washable Khalil Mamoon Hookah hoses offered in our store! Elegant and eye-catching, these authentic KM hoses have an affixed acrylic mouth piece and a handle wrapping with a vinyl feel, giving you a good grip to rip massive clo..
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Model: Hose
Experience chilled smoke with the new Mya “Freeze” Hookah Hose! Measuring 6 feet (72 inches) in length, the Mya Freeze hose features a handle that unscrews to fit a non-toxic water capsule that you freeze by simply leaving it in a standard freezer for several hours. The hookah smoke is coo..
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Model: Hose
Mya Freeze Jumbo Hookah HoseReady for the coolest draws ever? The giant, 94" long Mya Freeze hose is like the original, only bigger. The handle itself is 18" long and holds three mega-sized ice capsules that chill in your freezer. Featuring an ergonomic grip with a metal mouth tip and a wide bo..
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Model: Hose
Mya Frosted Tip Hookah HoseAre you looking for a washable hookah hose that doesn't get in the way of the controller during a game session? The latest Mya Hookah hose features a lightweight handle with a matte finish in multiple colors (black, red, blue). The slim line design keep..
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Model: Hose
These wood handled hookah hoses are an all time classic from the Mya Saray hookah hose collection. Made of sturdy synthetic leather with glossy wood handles, these fantastic hookah hoses measure 72 inches in length and fit in all standard hookah hose adapters.  They are available in m..
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Model: Hose
Have you ever wanted to dedicate a hose to a single shisha flavor?  The Nuhose is priced so affordably, you can just do that, especially if you are buying our black-tipped Nuhose hookah hose. Now you can easily afford to get a few extra hoses for specific flavors, making your mint much &nb..
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