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Al Fakher Golden Shisha Tobacco Two apple 250g

Al Fakher Golden Shisha Tobacco Two apple 250g
Al Fakher Golden Shisha Tobacco Two apple 250g

Two Apples - Golden Double Apple's rich taste commands a pause as you start smoking it. The sweet silky flavors of red apples balance flawlessly with the more sour notes of green apples. You will feel the essence shift in your palette as you exhale, leaving a smoked taste with timber undertones and the signature anise element of our Double apple molasses. AF Golden Double Apple is sweet and slightly tart, a quietly complex character.

Al Fakher shisha tobacco is one of the most well-known companies in the hookah industry, they've been an established brand since 1999 and continue to surprise the market. Their original lineup of flavors are carried by most hookah lounges, and it's usually recommended to any beginner in the hookah hobby. AF is known for having great single note flavors that blend easily with others, allowing you to have an unlimited world of combinations. The Al Fakher golden series was introduced over a decade ago after the success of the standard line, with only a small selection of flavors that featured a richer flavor and different packaging. The golden collection received a facelift recently while gaining a few new flavors, and now it's here to take over your session with a massive amount of flavor. The juicy golden leaves have a finer cut than the original Al Fakher and each blend has a deep depth of unique flavoring. AL Fakher fans rejoice this stuff is delicious! 

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