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Starlight Natural Charcoal 6.6 lb 100% Natural

Starlight Natural Charcoal 6.6 lb 100% Natural
Starlight Natural Charcoal 6.6 lb 100% Natural

·         BBQ Citrus Charcoal.

·         Multipurpose.

·         100% natural fuel with no chemical additives.

·         Great smoky flavor for all red and white meats.

·         Burns evenly at high, medium and low temperatures.

·         lights fast & burns hot with very little ash production.


Product Description

Starlight orange charcoal is made with your BBQ needs in mind, 100% naturally made from orange tree wood.

Eco-friendly clean burning with very little ash residue, no chemical additives which guarantees a clean natural flavor for your grill. It burns hot & lights fast to give you an even fire that lasts.

Comes in a 6.6 lb bag to last you several times even if you're having a big BBQ party.

Suitable for all steaks, Briskets, Burgers, chicken cuts, Pork ribs ...etc.

 From the brand you know and love, Starlight gives you the lump charcoal you’ve been looking for.

Produced sustainably from Orange tree branches through slow pyrolysis, this lump charcoal product meets all generic needs but is made specifically for BBQ and grilling, whether you love eating healthy or just having a summer BBQ party with family and friends, starlight natural citrus charcoal is the choice for you.

 Better than briquettes

Starlight lump charcoal is made from 100% pure wood with 0% chemical additives unlike briquettes which are made from sawdust and require chemical additives to be made. This guarantees a healthy grill and a delicious citrusy smoky flavor for you and your family and unlike briquettes it does not produce any strange chemical smells or flavors.


Why choose Starlight Orange Charcoal

           ·          Contains no Chemical additives (100% natural).

           ·          Easier temperature adjustment for all kinds of grilling.

           ·          Little ash production.

           ·          Burns hot.

           ·          Lights quickly.

           ·          More environmentally friendly than briquettes.

           ·          Made from natural orange tree wood.


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