Threaded Mya Hookah Base

Threaded Mya Hookah Base

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These are replacement bases for 

Product Description

These are replacement bases for Large Mya Hookahs that feature a "screw-in" style shaft. These threaded replacement bases will only fit the following hookahs:

Mya Vortex glass base: 10 inches tall

Mya Staff glass base: 10 inches tall

Mya Francesco glass base: 10 inches tall

Mya Diva glass base: 7.5 inches tall. IMPORTANT: The Mya Diva Hookah has been manufactured with 2 different styles of bases over the years: regular (which is the current style of the Diva Hookah) and a"screw in" style, which has threads for the shaft to screw in. The Mya Diva glass bases sold in this section are the "screw-in" style. Please check your Mya Diva Hookah before purchasing to make sure that it's the correct style.

Mya Acrylic base: 10 inches tall. This base will fit the Mya Artoo Hookah, the Mya Threepio Hookah, and the Mya Odyssey Hookah.

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