Ultimate Combo Hookah Bowl

Ultimate Combo Hookah Bowl

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This is a great combination of a 

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This is a great combination of a Mod Hookah bowl, wind lid, and hookah bowl screen. No longer do you need a wind cover when smoking your hookah. Additionally, the closed lid traps heat inside the bowl, increasing the efficiency of your hookah charcoal. The reusable steel bowl screen is specifically designed to fit tightly over the bowl so that the lid closes up flush with the screen and firmly latches closed.
Because the bottom opening is slightly wider than other hookah bowls, you may also want to pick up a Mod Bowl Grommet which is thicker than most bowl grommets and will allow this bowl to fit more securely on non-Mod Hookahs.

Caution: Once in use this product's latching mechanism becomes very hot; you may want to use tongs or an oven mitt when lifting the lid.

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