Vortex 1.5 Hookah Bowl

Vortex 1.5 Hookah Bowl

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After so many years of being on the market, the standard Vortex bowl has received a slight upgrade, we present to you the...

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After so many years of being on the market, the standard Vortex bowl has received a slight upgrade, we present to you the Vortex 1.5 bowl. Currently the Vortex bowl serves as the next step from an Egyptian bowl, these bowls brought in a new form of air flow to its users. Similar to a Phunnel bowl, the vortex bowls feature a central spire but this portion contains no vertical air channels. Instead the Vortex bowl features 4 symmetrical holes for airflow, and one flare opening at the underside 

What could possibly change within a bowl that has been around for so long? Airflow. The minds behind the Vortex bowl heard the cries for larger airflow holes, and made sure to give these bowls the proper assessment. The Vortex 1.5 still contains 4 air channels, but this time around they're even more symmetrical and a much wider gauge. This new batch of bowls also features some new colors, and an even glaze to ensure a snug fit on your grommet.

The Vortex 1.5 bowl contains a 3 inch diameter, with a height of 3.25 inches. Depending on your tobacco of choice and smoking preference, you should have no problem loading around 20-25 grams of shisha inside this bowl. This bowl can be used in combination with the Flavor Saver, or just good ole' tin foil.
 you have never gone through the process of loading a Vortex bowl, don't worry it's about as simple as an Egyptian bowl. The standard Vortex bowl will utilize a sprinkle pack method, and this will allow for an even cook throughout your session. Since the 1.5 contains larger holes you can still use a sprinkle method, just make sure that there is no loose tobacco covering any of the air channels. In the test session that we've had with the vortex 1.5 bowl, the sprinkle method worked great but adding a little more shisha while applying some pressure away from the spire created remarkable sessions.

Note: Because the bottom opening on the Vortex Hookah Bowl is slightly larger than most traditional bowls, it's recommended to use a thick Mod Bowl Grommets for the best fit for your hookah.

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